Frequently Asked Questions

Active Image is a continuously expanding platform and community for buying, selling and subscribing to premier digital imagery created by leading digital artists. With our unique, exclusive and curated collection of artworks, we set the extraordinary against the arbitrary, the digital original against uncontrolled mass distribution. Our infrastructure also offers a licensing service for secure and efficient content transactions. Through the Active Image marketplace and the Digital Canvas app, we provide artists, collectors, media houses, fans and followers with a completely new and fully scalable ecosystem to create, display, own, manage and secure original digital content.
Active Image offers both a curated digital artworks marketplace and a free app called Digital Canvas. The marketplace is accessible in your browser and allows you to browse artists’ works, venues and exhibitions, share your comments to the community, buy, sell, and rent digital imagery, and display all of it on your devices using Digital Canvas.
Artworks in the Active Image marketplace are for sale, for rent, and some artworks within exhibitions are available to display on Digital Canvas for free. The options to purchase or rent are listed next to the individual artworks. Originals are only for sale, and editions can be for sale or rental, but not all artworks may be both for sale and rent. It is based on the decision of the artist. Once an artwork is purchased, it can be resold on the Active Image marketplace. And artworks for rent require a rental subscription, where multiple artworks can be selected and displayed on Digital Canvas.
Yes, Active Image curates a series of online exhibitions, and the content in these exhibitions is free. After you sign in, you can display this content with Digital Canvas. Additional content is available for purchase and through our subscription options.
Venues are museums, galleries and branded entities that have partnered with Active Image to present curated artworks. Their curations include artworks from individual artists and exhibitions that are available for certain time periods. The artworks may be available for rent or NFT purchase, and always able to be displayed with Digital Canvas.
Digital Canvas is a free app that displays the images from the Active Image marketplace. An image can be shown on only one device at a time, but can be switched between the various Digital Canvas devices paired to your account. Digital Canvas is available for phones, tablets, and TVs that run the Apple iOS, tvOS, or Android operating systems.
You can download Digital Canvas from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
After downloading Digital Canvas on your device, it is necessary to pair the Digital Canvas with your Active Image account. Upon opening the app, click on the button to request a pairing code. Then go back to the Active Image marketplace on your browser and log in. Go to the Canvas page in your account, where you’ll see a box to insert the six digit pairing code, and then Submit. Wait a second and the Digital Canvas will pair to your account.
In the Active Image marketplace on your browser, go to the My Artworks page in your account, where the artworks you have purchased or rented are listed. Click the Play on Canvas button to select a Digital Canvas. You can also click on the Canvas page and click on the Assign Image button next to each Digital Canvas listed.
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is a digital record of your unique and individual transaction, stored forever on the blockchain. The blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions, distributed and duplicated across the entire network of computers on the blockchain. Once a transaction is written to the blockchain, it is duplicated and distributed to all other computers on the blockchain, such that it cannot be edited or deleted because of that duplication.
Active Image records transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. We also work with Arbitrum, which is a system that allows Ethereum participants to settle their transactions away from the Ethereum mainnet. This is a much more efficient process and results in greatly reduced transaction costs, also known as gas fees, and is a great benefit for our users.

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